Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Beat Suite Polish BBQ Sessions Tracklisting

Sorry for the delay on this one peeps! This is the show from the 6th of August and was definitely an original one.
Big respect to Kaczor, Zwierz and Kuzyn for helping me out with the show, and of course to Royal and Skeleton, for their wicked mixes.

Here it is:

1. Beltaine - Hindustries (DJ 5cet rmx)
2. Hevia - Gaviotes
3. Paktofonika - DeJot rusza czarne plyty
4. East West Rockers - Ciezkie czasy
5. Natural Dread Killaz - Jungleman
6. Bass Medium Trinity - Bass Medium Trinity
7. Framix - No War (big rrrespect to Kaczor for getting back to me on this one)
8. Grammatik - Kazdy Ma Chwile
__Here the show is passed on to Skeleton in the Lake District__
__ Back to Poland __
9. O.S.T.R. - Tabasko
10. Paktofonika - Jestem Bogiem
11. Natural Dread Killaz - Smoke Weed
12. NTM - Pose ton gun (IV my people rmx)
13. Electric Rudeboys - Beton
14. N.O.H.A. - Base from above
15. N.O.H.A. - Smell of spring
16. N.O.H.A. - More Pepper
17. N.O.H.A. - Tu Cafe
__ Here the show is passed on to Skeleton in the Lake District__
__Back to Poland __

18. Kazik - Nie ma towaru w miescie
19. Psia Crew - Nie wiecie
20. Bob Marley - Jammin (b-side version)

__Here the show is passed on to Royal in Birmingham

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